OCPN surgery

Prior to your exam please review the following checklists:

  • You CAN eat or drink prior to your exam
  • You CAN take any medications you are currently taking
  • You CANNOT have the exam if you have one of the following:
    1. Cerebral aneurysm clips (magnetic)
    2. Certain heart valves
    3. Cochlear implants
    4. Pacemaker
    5. Metal filings in the eye(s)

You will be asked a series of health related questions concerning your surgical and occupational background. If your history includes metal work and/or metal implants, please be sure to tell the technologist prior to your exam. Preliminary X-Rays may need to be taken.

If you think or know you are claustrophobic, ask your doctor to prescribe you medication to help you relax during the exam. If you do take medication, be sure to bring someone with you who is able to drive you home after the exam.

Most importantly RELAX and do not worry about the exam. We will make sure you are comfortable, and that you get the best possible medical care.